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Our Team



Ammo Jutley

Company Director

Meet Ammo Jutley, the dynamic Company Director of Just Move Estate Agents. Originally based in Erdington, the company has since relocated to the thriving Great Barr office. Ammo's leadership is steering the team towards success in the world of Estate Agency, ensuring a seamless experience for clients and colleagues alike.



Sarah Hall

Lettings Branch Manager and Head of Property Management

Meet Sarah Hall, a seasoned professional at the helm of Property Management and Lettings. As the Head of this multifaceted domain, her adept leadership has steered a dedicated team towards unprecedented success. Sarah's leadership style is a driving force behind the triumph of her team. Through strategic guidance and a hands-on approach, she instills a culture of excellence, empowering her team to exceed expectations in property management and lettings.



Lisa Sullivan

Sales and Valuations Manager

Meet Lisa, our dedicated Sales and Valuations Manager based in Great Barr. With over two decades of experience in the estate agency industry, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly thriving in challenging market conditions. Her commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in her customer-focused approach.



Cian Jeynes

Sales Negotiator

Meet Cian Jeynes, the newest addition to the Just Move Estate Agents family. With a background in accountancy and a keen interest in property, Cian has seamlessly transitioned into his role as a Sales Negotiator within our dynamic sales team. His previous experience, coupled with his passion for property, positions Cian as a valuable asset. We look forward to the positive impact Cian will undoubtedly contribute to our sales team and the overall success of the business.



Teejay McKeon

Senior Lettings Negotiator

Meet Teejay, our esteemed senior lettings negotiator, a beacon of reliability and excellence within our team. Teejay's popularity extends beyond the confines of our company; clients appreciate the dedication and proficiency Teejay brings to every interaction. His versatility shines through as he seamlessly navigates appointments and provides accurate property valuations for rentals. In the dynamic world of lettings, Teejay stands out as a trusted professional.



Leona Shervington

Property Inspections Manager

Meet Leona Shervington, our diligent Property and Inspections Manager at Just Move Estate Agents. Leona's crucial role involves conducting periodic inspections of the properties under our management. With meticulous attention to detail, she records the condition and cleanliness of each property, ensuring our clients' assets are well-maintained.



Harj Kaur

Property Finance and Accounts Manager

Meet Harj Kaur, holding the crucial role of Property Management with a focus on Finance and Accounts. Harj takes charge of ensuring the financial health of our managed properties, overseeing tasks such as chasing rents and guaranteeing timely payment of invoices. With meticulous attention to detail, Harj plays a key role in maintaining the stability of our property portfolio. Her expertise in finance and accounts ensures that our clients' financial interests are safeguarded, contributing to the overall success of our property management operations.